Hello. Nice to meet you.

I’m Heather LeFevre. I’ve worked at some of the most creative companies like Crispin Porter + Bogusky, StrawberryFrog, Tribal DDB, and Hyper Island. I’ve served some of the world’s best loved brands like Emirates, Burger King, Uniqlo, Pampers, Phillips, Bacardi, and Grey Goose. I founded the Strategist Survey and I wrote a book called Brain Surfing about what I learned on a year-long journey apprenticing myself to fantastic strategists.

I then spent a year and a half traveling around the USA, working on a cannabis farm in California, shooting a machine gun in Texas, and attending a right-wing conspiracy theorist conference in Montana.

I now live in Portland, Oregon and am very grateful to work with talented, kind people around the world on brands I feel good about helping.