The Planner Survey is Live

Hello Planners,

The Planner Survey is happening this year and it’s happening now. Everything you need to know is in the survey so click away:

Please help spread the word on twitter, facebook and blogs.

You can follow me at @hklefevre for updates.

As always, thank you for playing,

Heather and the Survey Team

If you have come across the survey here and did not receive an email then you are not on my list. To be added to the list and receive the results directly, make sure to add your info here:


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13 responses to “The Planner Survey is Live

  1. Question 1: is the role of ‘strategic planner’ relevant? Isn’t ‘strategy’ a skillset, like ‘creative?’ Why are they artificially separated? Besides, being able to charge for it, that is. The model is badly broken and stuck in the past.

    • Hi Tim, I think I’m finding as I go around the world that all kinds of people have all kinds of titles. Is the role relevant? At it’s best I think it is – someone who exists to inspire the client and the creative, to press for innovation, to illuminate with new questions to get at new answers. In the best teams, people aren’t so bothered with titles and there is egalitarian sharing of responsibilities and overlapping in order to get the best solution to grow a business. Unfortunately, a lot of people have this title and their job is defined as post rationalizing. That to me is artificial and unfortunate.

  2. Awesome news! I like when good things become better

  3. Jenny

    What if I work in the US, but don’t work in a state? I’ve hoovered over the MD / VA border but can’t seem to select DC.

  4. Caley

    Heather! Hi, it’s Caley Cantrell from the VCU Brandcenter. As you know, Richmond is not Argentina but we’d love you to visit us for your book. You are more than welcome to stay with me.

  5. Carolyn

    I just realized that I entered my bi-monthly salary, not my monthly salary. Oops! How do I remedy this?

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