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Meet Brian Millar of Sense Worldwide – Episode 10

Had a coffee and a chat with Brian about some of the things I have learned at Sense Worldwide. This is a company that is getting beyond every solution being a nail. They work in brand strategy, communications, product innovation with intriguing methods to get at new solutions. You should all aspire to work here when you grow up.

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The Planner Survey is Live

Hello Planners,

The Planner Survey is happening this year and it’s happening now. Everything you need to know is in the survey so click away:

Please help spread the word on twitter, facebook and blogs.

You can follow me at @hklefevre for updates.

As always, thank you for playing,

Heather and the Survey Team

If you have come across the survey here and did not receive an email then you are not on my list. To be added to the list and receive the results directly, make sure to add your info here:


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