Rob Campbell Reflects – Episode 7

Many of you know Rob Campbell from his blog and the often time audacious opinions he bandies about. Or the zealousness that accompanies the commentary there.

I hope this will give you a small peek into what one of the best planners in the world is really like. The thumbnail says a lot all on its own. Thank you Rob and W+K Shanghai for having me over.

8 thoughts on “Rob Campbell Reflects – Episode 7

  1. God I ramble on like a drunkard.

    And what the hell was I thinking saying “I would have liked to have put you in more uncomfortable positions”??? Thank god you didn’t stay at my house or my wife would be seriously wondering what the hell was going on.

    Can’t believe you’ve been and gone. Seems like it all happened in a blink of an eye. Speak soon and thank you for the nice – if misguided – words in the lead up to the video.

  2. Great interview Rob and Heather! I love the way you dug in and got under Rob’s skin – we all need leaders who show a bit of humanity, not just their cleverness!

    1. In my experience, it’s not a case of you deciding when you want to leave a company, it’s when a company decides they want you to leave. I never take my position for granted – that might represent insecurity, but to me, it drives my standards and ambitions.

  3. SO GOOD! especially as it gets to the end and Rob gives us his one-thing-above-all-else. Brilliant. Also rob, stop the fucking apologizing, every second of the video was great, especially when she kinda caught you off guard with her observation on your work-life separation

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