It’s Planner Survey Time!

I’m starting to love this time of year… it’s when I send out the now annual planner survey and get updates from lots of people around the country and some really nice notes from people I don’t even know that they appreciate the survey.

This year is the 3rd year of survey fun and I’ve added some new questions about supervisors (what makes for a good one), where we might aspire to work, what do we think about the quality of planning and what’s driving it up/down/sideways, if we plan to switch jobs, why and will we stay in planning. Then there are the old favorites that let us know how much people make based on years of experience, geographic location, degree and so forth.

Since the blogosphere has taken off, I’ve asked everyone to post the survey on their blogs, and even though mine is far from world famous, I’m posting too. So if you are a brand/strategic/account planner working at any type of agency, freelancing, even client-side in the US or outside the US, please take the survey.

Then enter your email address so you can receive the results and keep your answers separate from your email identity.

I sent out the email last night, and this morning we already have 75 responses. I think we will top last year’s 192 pretty quickly.

7 thoughts on “It’s Planner Survey Time!

  1. Just wanted to say hello from the colonies, here in Richmnd. Virginia. Where the tobacco grows strong and the trees are being chopped down like pieces of hair at the Barbers.

  2. Hi, entered your survey, even forwarded to few friends, but never got any reply could you enlighten us about the results. Many Thanks. s

  3. Hello Heather (correct??),

    Just read about your survey, great idea, happy to join next time, pls take into your distribution. Would also like to take a look at the survey, can you send it to me/let me know where it’s posted?

    Thanks for sending and have a great day!

    PS background: currently head of strategy at cayenne/Dentsu Europe, based in Amsterdam, soon to be freelance.

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